Aberdeen University Fails Its Students | Debate (18/2/21)

Aberdeen University Fails Its Students | Debate (18/2/21)

‘This House believes the University of Aberdeen has failed its students during Covid-19’

Table Speakers:

00:25​​ | Proposition 1 ‘Prime Minster’ – Gregor
05:01​ | Opposition 1 ‘Leader of the Opposition’ – Maxwell
10:04​​​​​ | Proposition 2 ‘Deputy Prime Minister’ – Zak
14:44​ | Opposition 2 ‘Deputy Leader of the Opposition’ – Robert
20:01​​ | Proposition 3 ‘Government Whip’ – George
27:31​​​​ | Opposition 3 ‘Opposition Whip’ – Helen

Floor Speeches:

34:44​​ | Proposition – _____
36:01​​​ | Abstention – Fiyin
40:23​​​ | Proposition – George
43:56​​​ | Abstention – Jack

45:45​​​​​ | Voting
46:44​​​​​ | Results
46:54​​​​​ | Announcement of next week’s debate

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Edited by Ross Macnaughton

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