AnimSchool Contest – Check out this fantastic animation by Raúl Aguilar Defez using AnimSchool’s Malcolm 2.0

This is a personal project by Animator Raúl Aguilar Defez using AnimSchool’s Malcolm 2.0 rig.
See more of Raúl’s work here:

HAPPENING NOW. Cash prizes for best new animation using AnimSchool’s Malcolm 2.0 with the theme: Roaring 1920s. Submit your animation entry by Aug 21st, 2020. Click the link the find out more:
This contest is open to everyone – rules and regulations apply.

Download AnimSchool’s Malcolm 2.0 Rig for free!

Please review before downloading:
What you can & can’t do –
You can use the character rigs and/or AnimSchool Picker for most any educational or commercial purpose, except,
You CAN modify Malcolm in any way.
If you want to offer a modification of Malcolm to others (for example, a different outfit,etc.), you have to send it to us for distribution.
You CAN use Malcolm for your demo reel or animation contest.
You have to attribute each time you use Malcolm in the credits or on-screen during a presentation: “Malcolm character courtesy of”
You can’t give Malcolm or the AnimSchool Picker plug-in to others, including modified versions or parts. (Does not include Synoptics/Picker files. Users may edit and distribute those separately as desired.)
You can’t use Malcolm for any content which is pornographic, sexually explicit, lewd, obscene, or excessively violent, promotes or condones illegal activities, or incites hate or violence against an ethnic, religious, or protected group.
You can’t use Malcolm or any modification of Malcolm or the AnimSchool Picker for assignments at another online school or classes/workshop, or online component of a traditional, in-person school, or in any way in conjunction with that school/class/workshop, including contests.
You can’t use the AnimSchool Picker with characters from, or associated with, another online school or classes/workshop, or online component of a traditional, in-person school.
If a (traditional) in-person school teacher or administrator would like to allow multiple students to use the AnimSchool character files, they must agree to the license terms on behalf of the school, and ensure the students in the program follow the terms of the license agreement. Accordingly, the students must be aware not to take the characters outside of the school without getting their own license. The school teacher or administrator should list the school entity and address in the license registration process.

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