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MINDS’ (Manila Innovation Development Society) mission is to develop a culture of innovation in the City of Manila. Its vision: Be the pre-eminent center advocating innovation as the new foundational competency of the city’s education system, the workplace, and society as a whole.

I founded MINDS in 1998 and remained its Chairman cum PresIdent until now. In the same year, MINDS was SEC-registered as an incorporated non-stock, non-profit association. In 2000, MINDS was first to be accredited as an inventor association by the DOST. In the same year, MINDS became a vested NGO by the City of Manila and accorded free headquarters at the Manila City Hall — MINDS being really part of efforts to win the city’s economic and social struggles by accelerating the increased quality of its ideation intellectual capital and the number of its innovations in new or improved product, process, service or device. #

Creativity Cram School Video

This touts MINDS’ rewarding Creativity Cram School’s jaunty flagship program of live, interactive crash courses on thinking-out-of-the-box and IP niche topics.
MINDS sequential activities synergetically reinforced the school’s flair and ambit:
1. Manila Innoventors Helpdesk providing key information, referrals, or directions to walk-in IP and innovation inquiries;
2. Publishing Inventions & Innovations: A Glimpse of the Filipino Legacy book annotating the New IP Code plus an anthology of erstwhile Filipino innovations — augmented scant resource;
3. Pioneering the first industrial IP disclosures in the Filipino language – thus breaking the historical monopoly of composition in English;
4. Showing-and-selling in top drawer fairs prototypic originations by students side-by-side with gizmos by mainstream inventors;
5. Engaging in campus innovation forums, intramural exhibits, and contests;
6. International outreaching via IFIA; and,
7. Foraying into WIPO-staged invention contests overseas, each time coming out exultantly victorious.
I amply received recognitions for my efforts. # # #