college dorm tour 2020 | university of florida | beaty towers

it’s hereeee!!!!!!! my sophomore dorm tour is hereeee!!!! i’m not super good at decorating but i’m pretty proud of what rachel and i put together ๐Ÿ™‚ props to all those girls who order a bunch of stuff before they even move in and make like photo walls or something like that stuff is time consuming and kinda expensive. all for beauty i guess. anyways!!! thanks for watching!!! i hope you enjoyed!!

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โ˜† TIME CODES โ˜†
0:00 – intro
1:00 – the kitchen
2:27 – the bedroom
11:15 – the bathroom
14:20 – outro

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โ˜† MUSIC โ˜†
in order of appearance:
Carter Vail – Melatonin –
VALNTN – Mona Lisa –
Reggie San Miguel – Daydream –
frumhere, kevatta – warm feeling –
Mark Generous – Meganne –

โ˜† FAQ โ˜†
โคท age? i’m 19 (born in 2001)
โคท school + grade? i’m a sophomore at the university of florida (c/o 2023)
โคท major? i’m a health science major on the pre-physician assistant track with a potential chemistry minor
โคท how do you make your thumbnails? i use superimpose, procreate, and phonto!

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