Fusion Research Lecture #03 – The nuclear fusion process

Fusion Research Lecture #03 – The nuclear fusion process

00:00 Start
00:23 Nuclear fusion process: brief history
02:29 The proton-proton chain
06:24 The CNO-cycle
08:02 How to overcome the Coulomb-barrier?
13:16 The fusion rate coefficient (aka fusion reactivity)
21:30 Deuterium – Tritium fusion
25:57 Binding energy per nucleon

This lecture is usually given as a classical blackboard lecture at the University of Stuttgart. Due to the current situation (Corona-virus), the lecture has to be given completely online. The videos shown here are small modifications of the videos actually used in the lecture (mostly copyright issues).

Sources of the pictures used are given below each picture, a list of useful references is given in Video #00.

Full playlist for this lecture: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9F2aQG5CnOdw9MXqS309tojBUvChQ9jm

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