How the US School System Fails You | An Analysis on Conformity [Video Essay Short]

How the US School System Fails You | An Analysis on Conformity [Video Essay Short]

The Failures of the US School System
What’s up with the US School System? Is its main focus actual education or just the final grades? Do they encourage creativity and outside of the box thinking or do they just encourage strict standards and conformity? It seems more like every student is focused on grades. Everything is grades, grades, grades. Instead of going to school to actually learn new pieces of information, they go to school to just increase their grade so that they seem more worthy to others, be it, teachers, parents, colleges, jobs, or even themselves. It’s a chase for that coveted A, and when students put in the effort and fail, they get shunned by society for coming up short. They’re unintelligent and lack discipline according to teachers and parents, and these students eventually lose confidence in themselves. Every student is different, yet society pushes them all down the same assembly line called school. Follow the rules and get good grades. That’s the youth’s sole purpose within the school system. Creativity is stifled all for the structures of conformity. Why is the school system currently structured like this? What can be done to solve these issues? What can you do to overcome this societal “norm?” Let’s find out! 🍿

The Failures of the US School System
The Flaws of the US School System
Broken US School System
Broken US Education System

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