LDN Specialist Pharmacist Dr Masoud Rashidi

Dr. Masoud Rashidi, Pharm.D. Graduated in 2004 from Western University of Health
Sciences with Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. He then pursued his career as a pharmacist with
Long’ Drugs. Soon after, in 2007 Dr. Masoud Rashidi along with his wife Dr. Anna Rashidi
opened their own Compounding Pharmacy in Folsom, Ca., with one goal in mind, how to
better serve the community. Since then, they have expanded their pharmacy several times
and now serving entire state of California. Dr. Rashidi has been incredibly involved and has
done a lot of research and educated physicians and patients in the field of compounding.
He has been involved in educating Physicians, veterinarians, and patients in the field of
compounding and advocating for the profession. He conducts monthly LDN and other
compounding related seminars for patients and providers. He opened the first
compounding only pharmacy in Folsom, Ca and the only compounding pharmacy
accredited by ACHC for both sterile and non-sterile compounding in Sacramento region.