Meet Mona Ramamurthy

Mona Ramamurthy is a People Consultant Manager with Google in Los Altos, CA. She has over fifteen years of experience in the business and technology industries and uses that experience to make knowledgeable decisions with and for each of her employers. She has been in positions ranging from Human Resources to Management; in each of these, Mona has proven time and time again that she is a dedicated professional who is attentive to detail and a stellar leader.

After graduating from high school, Mona Ramamurthy was quick to pursue her higher education and improve upon her skills and knowledge. She attended the University of California for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees, studying in Berkeley for her Bachelor of Arts in Economics and the Hastings College of the Law for her Juris Doctor. Though she’s knowledgable in many areas of the law, Mona focused specifically on employment law—a specialization that she put to good use once she received her master’s degree.

Mona Ramamurthy currently works as a People Consultant Manager with Google, but that’s not the only role she’s had with the company. She initially started as a People Partner with gTech Professional Services (gPS) to coach and advise VPs and other senior leaders across the organization and its various departments. She taught these leaders what she knows about people priorities and handling personnel situations; when necessary, Mona would step in to help with personnel situations herself.

She later became the Manager of the gTech Learning & Development (L&D) team and held the position until July 2021. Much like her current position, Mona Ramamurthy led a seven-person gTech learning team that led the organization to success through various educational courses handled by them. The team was responsible for multiple global programs and creating global, organization-wide content related to key people priorities. Mona further proved herself invaluable to Google once the COVID-19 pandemic hit: she transformed all learning content from in-person learning to virtual learning in a record amount of time.

Currently, Mona Ramamurthy leads a People Operations team at Google. Her team of seven like-minded professionals support and advise over 10,000 Google Cloud employees and handle whatever relevant troubleshooting that comes their way. Ultimately, Mona shows her leadership skills using her past experience and higher education to make sure she and her team succeed.