Old School Model Works Fifty Six introduction

Since the early 70’s, more of these have been built and flown than most any other R/C design. It’s an all-time favorite R/C trainer and sport design. It’s fondly remembered because it’s so easy to build and to gentle to fly.

Our version of the Fifty Six keeps all of the iconic look and great flying characteristics, and introduces new, simplified building features, as well as laser-cut precision – making this all time favorite even better.

Power can come from glow or electric powerplants. We’ve designed the fuselage with a magnetic top hatch so you have quick access to either your fuel tank or batteries.

In the air, the Fifty Six is a gentle and forgiving design that makes it the perfect trainer. When flying at slower speeds, it’s a great way to relax, shoot touch-n-goes and enjoy low passes down the runway. But throttle it up a bit and the Fifty Six is just at home as a barnstomer. Loop it. Roll it. Flip over for some inverted flight. Throw in some hammerhead turns for fun and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.

For value and features in a great-flying, rugged airplane, your best bet is the OSMW Fifty-Six.

Our Old School Model Work’s Fifty Six is a Vintage R/C Society legal design for enjoying vintage fly-ins and contests.

Wingspan: 56 inches
Wing Area: 560 sq. inches
Length (airframe only): 41.5 inches
Weight: 3.5-4.5 pounds RTF
Radio: 4 channel

• Glow (.19-.35 engine, 4 ounce tank, fuel tubing)
• Electric (equivalent brushless motor, 40+ amp ESC, 3-4S LiPo)

Complete info on our website at: http://www.oldschoolmodels.com/fiftysix.htm

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