Online Japanese Courses – “What Do I Learn?” 日本語コース 1- 6

I offer online Japanese courses: Japanese 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
What do you learn in each course? Find out and pick the one that is best for your level.

Japanese 1 1:30
Japanese 2 1:56
Japanese 3 2:22
Japanese 4 3:04
Japanese 5 3:37
Japanese 6. 4:15

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Japanese 1-2-3

Japanese 4-5-6

* Download Lesson List (PDF)

Japanese 1

Japanese 2

Japanese 3

Japanese 4

Japanese 5

Japanese 6

== Other available courses ==

日本語リスニングコース Listening Course

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漢字コース Kanji Startup Course

Lesson List


I am a Japanese instructor and have been teaching Japanese at colleges/universities in the USA for many years. In my online courses, I design all the lessons and curriculum based on my teaching experience.

Try a mini-course (free) to see if my teaching style matches your learning style. 😊

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