Quality assessment of distance learning and teaching at the University of Geneva

Quality assessment of distance learning and teaching at the University of Geneva

Authors: Ahidoba de Franchi Mandscheff, Pierre-Yves Burgi and Mallory Schaud Geley, University of Geneva, Switzerland

The University of Geneva launched a project with the primary aim to contribute to the institutional accreditation process and gain a better understanding of the quality of the university’s distance learning and teaching. It proceeded by mapping the practices, formalising some underlying aspects in the internal quality assurance system, and formulating recommendations for improving those practices in a report. Finalisation of the report coincided with the Covid-19 crisis. Therefore, it was timely and very useful in supporting decision-making on quality improvements. During the crisis, several things were improved, such as stronger inter-service collaborations, centralisation of available resources, teacher training (at distance), peer learning, and off-campus assessment. The closing of the university premises, auditoriums and classrooms literally brought distance teaching and learning to the forefront, rendering many measures that were to be recommended for future developments effective within a few days. This presentation will focus on the recommendations that the institution tackled in response to the crisis and those that it continues to work on.

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