Reformation Tour in Geneva – Episode 01

Tom Bloomer, provost of the University of the Nations, is taking us on the Reformation Tour in Geneva.

Available with English and Portuguese Subtitles.

The French Reformation of the 16th century was far more than a powerful revival; it was more than the radical trans-formation of Geneva in every sphere of society in just one generation.

What happened in that small city in just a few years changed the world itself! What really happened then, and why? More importantly, how? Many are hungering for a new Reformation; and the nations certainly need it. We will explore the lessons of Geneva and point out some steps for the way forward!

Featuring: Tom Bloomer
Series Producer: Tim SolWoong Kim
Editor: Tim SolWoong Kim
Executive Producer: Tom Bloomer
Sound Editing: Martijn Bruggeman
Music: Menion “Colazione su saturno” (CreativeCommon)

Present by YWAM Burtigny and University of the Nations
Produced by Inspired Planet