Rohan Ramblings 79: in which Gryfflet fails to find a satisfactory solution to several situations

Rohan Ramblings 79: in which Gryfflet fails to find a satisfactory solution to several situations

Rohan Ramblings 79: in which Gryfflet fails to find a satisfactory solution to several situations in succession

Gryfflet has spent the time since the last session puzzling over the situation in Woodhurst, which possibly explains why he fails to last any time at all once the assault on the Mead-hall commences. He rallies himself and returns to the fray despite his suspicions of Gifemund which are only slightly assuaged when the latter proceeds to heal him of his wounds. Some confusion over directions is soon overcome as are the invaders, but Gryfflet is not happy that Gifemund is appointed Steward while the Reeve goes off to war. He takes a moment to work on his Inventory while considering where to go next, and decides to hunt up Wormtongue for a long-delayed appointment. Gríma has surrounded himself with bodyguards which are easily despatched, which annoys him enough that he simply scarpers. Gryfflet is also annoyed at being left standing without clear directions as to where he should go next, so he decides to see what’s happening in Stoke. Ordlac is calling for a celebration after their “victory” which results—after a brief diversion—in the death of Reeve Frithild. Her funeral is a dismal affair, and Gryfflet’s subsequent investigation is hardly any more cheerful as suspicious circumstances multiply and combine. His mood is not improved by the rails upon which the quest forces him to ride, so he relishes the chance to beat up some miscreants, topped off with a chance meeting that blows the case wide open. For once he is allowed to do the sensible thing and ride for aid, so he marches upon Stoke with Thane Torferth and his Toringas who display much better grasp of strategy than many of their peers, allowing for a showdown with Ordlac which leaves Torferth and his wife looking after Frithild’s children and Gryfflet looking for another quest. He sets off back to Edoras for his much-delayed appointment with Éowyn, who takes him to Dunharrow where we overrun just enough to accompany her to the Door of the Dead and work off a bit of frustration. The happy ending to all this is that Gryfflet is now ready to proceed to Helm’s Deep!
“We shall persevere!”
“Wait, I’m confused again!”
“I’ll come in again!”
“It was a thinly-veiled disguise and I saw through it!”
“Dude! Your other right!”
“Oh, he’s a wimp, I’ll just go and kill him!”
“And…nothing…I got no quests at all!”
“Look, why is everybody else submitting to this smarmy jerk?”
“I know just where she’d want to put this sword!”
“Where’s my friend the spy?”
“Oh, that is so courteous of you!”
“I’m with you! You can’t see me but I am with you!”
“I’m walking with Éowyn so who could complain?”
There wasn’t much time for Lore discussion this week, but we did touch upon the question of Saruman’s eventual fate. We also discussed the relative virtues of electronic texts and audiobooks in light of the arrival of more volumes of “The History of Middle-earth” on Kindle.

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