Sticks and Stones


A man sorts through the debris of his childhood, seeking help to untangle the differences between his own anxiety and depression, and the impact of toxic masculinity.

Content heads up: mentions of physical violence, death by shooting, and alcohol use disorder; toxic masculinity; gunshots; shotgun directed at viewers; bird-hunting


Filmmaker: BILL DOAN (he/him) William J. Doan, Ph.D. is a past president of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education and a Fellow in the College of Fellows of The American Theatre. In addition to articles in scholarly journals, Doan has co-authored three books and multiple graphic narratives. He has created solo performance projects at a variety of venues across the U.S., and abroad. His current work includes a performance piece, Frozen In The Toilet Paper Aisle of Life, part of a larger project titled The Anxiety Project, which includes over 500 drawings and two short animated films, Inhale, Exhale, Draw and Sticks and Stones. He is a Professor of Theatre in the College of Arts and Architecture and Director of the Arts and Design Research Incubator at The Pennsylvania State University. Doan served as the Penn State Laureate for 2019-2020.

CYNTHIA WHITE is a documentary filmmaker whose projects have broadcast on television, at film and arts festivals, and at conferences around the world. Cynthia’s work aims to further the understanding of, and create dialogues about, the intersection of art and science. Her work includes teaching courses about digital media, community health and social justice.

ALEXANDER WHITE received his BFA from Bard College in sculpture, animation, and drawing. He has exhibited his drawings and animated films in New York, London, Barcelona, and Los Angeles. Film and animation festivals include Atlanta Film Festival; Slamdance Film Festival; New York Independent Film Festival and Art Forum, Berlin. Alexander currently lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland.

Co-Directors: Cynthia White, Alexander S. White
Animation and Editing: Alexander S. White, Multimedium.Studio
Script Development: Tara Caimi
Original Artwork/Story: Bill Doan, The Anxiety Project
Original Score: Richard Biever
Post Production: Cody Goddard
Voice Actors: Bill Doan and Leo Rubenson

This production was made possible through The Pennsylvania State University, College of Arts and Architecture, Arts and Design Research

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