“TV In & TV Out” by Andy Mann & Skip Blumberg

(3 minutes, 2 channels, b&w, 1974/2021) ***Prime time broadcast on Turner Classic Movies in December 2021 “Archival Screening Night Roadshow.” Art video by early indy videomaker Andy Mann & by Videofreex Skip Blumberg showing off virtuosic hand-held camera skills, prescient camera journalism, and shtick. Restoration and combination by Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive, 2019. Titles & color correction by IMP, Inc., 2021. Thanks to TVTV, Michael Shamberg, Hudson Marquez, Megan Williams, Allen Rucker & Steve Seid.

In September 1974 Videofreex Skip Blumberg & indy videomaker Andy Mann were in production in Washington DC for the PBS TV series “Gerald Ford’s America” with the first portable video – Sony Portapaks – 19-pound 1/2″ videotape reel-to-reel recorders & 6-pound cameras with mics on top. They recorded this short raw 2-channel art video while waiting during a Capitol building assignment, motivated by a pure urge to use the new medium.

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