Vlog 34|NEWEST: NYU Shanghai Admissions Officer Shows New Grads Data & Explains 2020 School Policies

Vlog 34|NEWEST: NYU Shanghai Admissions Officer Shows New Grads Data & Explains 2020 School Policies

** IMPORTANT disclaimer 2**
Vice Chancellor Lehman has responded and says that “As we indicated in our message last week, the government has advised us that we may not bring all our international students back in a single group. The first group will consist of first-year students who have not previously studied in Shanghai. The second group will consist of all upper-year students who have expressed a wish to return to Shanghai this fall. Contrary to what is stated in the video, we are working hard to bring this second group back.”

** IMPORTANT disclaimer 1**
This video is meant for potential national students of CO2024 and the speaker is the Director of Chinese Admissions Mr. Zhou. I TRANSLATED the whole video by myself so there could be places that I interpreted. So if you have any questions about the content that you want me to clarify or any suggestions for better translations, please comment or let me know in some ways.

With that being said this is by no means an official video that deals with the return of upper class international students.


Finally, as an NYU Shanghai YouTuber, I uploaded an NYUSH-related video after almost half a year!!! Also, I filmed this video with my new phone, tell me your VIEWING EXPERIENCE with this new equipment 😉

In this video, NYU Shanghai Admissions Officer Mr. Zhou shows new data about where and how NYUSH graduates end up after graduation (salary level, 2020 employment rate) and explains the new policies about international students next sem: only the first-year intl students are promised to return to Shanghai with the government’s approval (the list is highly restricted, reasons explained in the video).

Special Thanks to Katie who informed me of this opportunity.


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