Week 12 with Mr. Kelley

This is Mr. Kelley’s Free-time fitness option!
Pick any activity you want to do, make sure that you do 60 mins a day!
If you need inspiration, consider these:

Run around the backyard
Go for a hike
Is there a park nearby? Take a walk and go slide, swing and jump!
Ride bikes! Bike riding is so good for balance, core strength and cardio. Plus, kids love it!
Set up a relay race. If you have more than one child, setting up a relay race is a good way to teach teamwork and sportsmanship.
Build an obstacle course. Have the kids brainstorm obstacles and set up a course in the neighborhood. Take turns running it, and see who can run it the fastest!
Play Hula Hoop Games. Hula Hoops are so versatile- you can play jump rope with them, use them as a bean bag toss, or have hula contests.
Set up a toss-across game- Get some sidewalk chalk and beanbags- you can draw a tick tack toe board on the ground, and toss the bags into the squares to play.
Play hopscotch. Draw a hopscotch grid on the sidewalk and take turns playing.
Play Red-Light Green-Light. Gather the neighborhood kids together and play red-light green-light together. Take turns calling out commands and see who wins the race!
Have the kids make up a game. My kids are often much more energetic than I am, and much more creative too.
Play hide and go seek. Set limits on how far the kids can go, and play hide and go seek in your neighborhood. We live on a little loop that has open green space behind the houses, so the kids are allowed to hide anywhere within the loop.
Walk the dog. This one kills two birds with one stone by getting your pet and your child exercise. Bug has been walking our puppy three times a day, once before the school day starts, once at lunch time, and once after the school day is finished.