WLA Panel Session: Low-Dimensional Materials and Quantum Physics


Low-dimensional materials research is currently one of the most active frontiers in condensed matter physics and materials science as an essential foundation of future information technology. The novel states that low-dimensional materials have been discovered one after another, giving birth to new research advances in quantum material & devices and their practical application. Similarly, new application contexts serve as pivot points or engines to explore new physics and new materials. This two-way promotion between research and application, complementary to each other, continues to drive both forward to more significant breakthroughs.

MA Xiaosong, Professor, School of Physics, Nanjing University

Duncan HALDANE, 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics
Allan MACDONALD, 2020 Wolf Prize in Physics
MA Xiaosong, Professor, School of Physics, Nanjing University
XU Xiaodong, Professor, Department of Physics, University of Washington

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