Workshop ‘Marble. Connections and Refractions’ // Key-note lecture by Dario Gamboni

Marble and Marbling: Pattern, Material, Process

Rome, 16.09.2021

Is the artistic and architectural recourse to marble but one technique of “marbling’, that is of producing patterns appealing to humans by their combination of regularity and irregularity, or are there properties of the material that affect its uses and justify a specific research on marble and “decorative stones”? Following an essay recently published by Raphael Rosenberg on the subject, this lecture will raise this question and propose a few answers.

Dario Gamboni is Emeritus Professor of Art History at the University of Geneva. He was a Fellow at many institutions including the American Academy in Rome. He has written extensively on the visual arts, treating among other topics iconoclasm, visual ambiguity, and the display of art. His latest publications are The Museum as Experience: An Email Odyssey through Artists’ and Collectors’ Museums (2020), and, co-edited with Gerhard Wolf and Jessica N. Richardson, The Aesthetics of Marble: From Late Antiquity to the Present (2021).